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Aerospin/Gyroscope, Bouncy Boxing, Bungee Bull, Bungee Run, Climbing Wall,
Gladiator Joust, Rock Em Sock Em, Human Bowling, Elastarun/Bungee Run,
Obstacle Courses, Velcro Wall, Inflatable Slip and Slide


     THE UNDERSIGNED, by his/her signature hereinafter affixed does acknowledge that any
physical activities involve some element of personal risk and that, accordingly,
in consideration for the undersigned waiving his/her claim against RECORD-A-HIT, Inc.,
and their agents, the undersigned will be allowed to participate in any of the above physical activities.

     By engaging in this activity, the the undersigned acknowledges that he/she assumes the
element of inherent risk and, in consideration for being allowed to engage in the activity,
agrees to indemnify and hold RECORD-A-HIT, Inc., and their agents, harmless from any liability for
bodily injury, property damage or wrongful death caused by participation in this activity.
Further, the undersigned agrees to indemnify and hold RECORD-A-HIT, Inc., and their agents,
harmless from any and all costs incurred including, but not limited to, actual attorney's fees that
RECORD-A-HIT, Inc., and their agents, may suffer by an action or claim brought against it by
anyone as a result of the undersigned's use of such facility.




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