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Illinois Association of DECA

Verification of Signed Forms

This Verification Form can be used for Conferences and DECA related activities. Each Illinois Association of DECA Advisor is responsible for having the Conduct, Dress Code, & Emergency Information form signed by the student, the parent / guardian and a school official. The above form should be in the possession of the Chapter Advisor during the conference. This Verification Form should be completed and returned to Illinois DECA at the appropriate conference/ activity.

“I hereby verify that all students, parents / guardians and school official have signed the Conduct, Dress Code and Emergency Information form. A form for each student attending this conference is in my possession and ready for review if necessary. I realize that my students’ activities and behavior are a direct reflection on the image of DECA and its members. Therefore, I will do anything possible to assist my chapter in seeing that the Conduct and Dress Code guidelines are followed. I will also report any and all alleged infraction(s) of the above to the Co-Executive Directors of the Illinois Association of DECA.”