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Tanya Iyer, a senior at Naperville North High School, is ecstatic to serve as a member of the Illinois DECA State Action Team! A native Hoosier, Tanya has lived in Illinois for the past 13 years, three of which have been spent as a member and board member of Naperville North’s DECA chapter.  Originally enticed by the promise of fierce competition and silly hats at ICDC, she grew to enjoy the spontaneity and camaraderie of the DECA community - everything from the adrenaline of role plays to the ingenuity of 30-page business plans.

Tanya is extremely grateful to serve her chapter as the VP of Competition. Her primary focus is to ensure that each member chooses a cluster and event which appeals to their goals, interests, and skills. She also seeks out and gathers competition preparation materials for her chapter’s members.

Holistically, DECA has been a prominent presence in Tanya’s high school career. DECA’s role play, written, and virtual events have given her exposure to a wide variety of careers and skill sets. The organization has given her countless learning opportunities, memories, and friendships - in short, experiences she would have been otherwise unlikely to find. It’s Tanya’s firm belief that even the most reluctant high school student will exit DECA a poised, knowledgeable individual, ready to explore and enter the field of their choosing. Last year, Tanya was grateful to serve as an Illinois DECA State Officer, facilitating the state’s iConnect program and competition preparation initiatives. She looks forward to continuing her role and having the opportunity to work with fellow members.

Tanya is exceedingly thankful for the academic and personal opportunities DECA has provided her with. She has qualified for ICDC each year and credits the competitive experiences with her curiosity and fervor for all things DECA. Trips to Disney, ornate ceremonies, and the chance to meet several fellow DECA members make ICDC the trip of a lifetime.

Outside of DECA, Tanya enjoys watching Shark Tank reruns, practicing her sarcasm, and reading. She serves as the editorial editor of her school’s newspaper (The North Star), and has the pleasure of serving as the Applications Manager for The Merry Tutor, a student run tutoring nonprofit. Expanding on her taste for outlandish trivia, Tanya has served as the captain of her school’s Scholastic Bowl team, and spends her weekends battling other schools at tournaments. Late at night, Tanya can often be found perusing The New Yorker’s editorial section. In the future, she hopes to combine her passion for politics and social change with her interest in business.

Above all, Tanya is sincerely grateful to her family, advisor, and the DECA community for giving her the chance to serve as a State Officer. She is committed to improving the DECA experience for each and every member in whatever capacity she can. It’s Tanya’s hope that each member, new or returning, has the chance to reach their full potential through the organization, and she is ecstatic to help them along their journey.   

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Tanya Iyer