State Executive Conference

Election Procedures



·All candidates will be running for the Office of President.  No candidate can decline the Office of President at anytime.

·All Officer Candidates are required to wear a DECA blazer for testing, the interview, and the Election Session at the State Executive Conference.

·No printed information or campaigning is permitted at anytime

·After the completed application packet is accepted, there are three steps to the election process.

·Each step in the election process is a qualifier for the next step.

Step One:  Written Testing                                                                                                         

·All Officer Candidates will take a written, short-answer, essay test at the State Executive Conference.  The test will evaluate the candidate’s thorough knowledge of DECA, marketing, and parliamentary procedure. Candidates will have up to 45 minutes to complete the test.  If you want to be a state officer, you have to pass the test!  If you arrive late, you may not have the full amount of time to complete the test.

·Possible study sources include:  Illinois Association of DECA Handbook,DECA Year Roadmap Calendar,  DECA’s new Branding  and Messaging GuidelinesDimensions, and information on the following websites: and 

Specific test information will include, but will not be limited to the following:

·Mission Statement of DECA

·Guiding Principles of DECA

·Attributes and Values of DECA

·Organizational levels of DECA

·Important people associated with DECA

·Definitions found in the above mentioned sources

·Types, purposes, and locations of state, regional, and national conferences available for members to attend

·Geographic representations and divisions of DECA

·Indications of a successful chapter

·Types of events in which a member may participate

·Sponsorship of different competitive events 

Step Two:  Screening and Nominating Committee Interview                                           

·The Screening and Nominating Committee will consist of members from the Illinois Foundation for Marketing Education who will interview the officer candidates with the highest scores on the written exam.  Some of the categories on which the officer candidates may be evaluated during the interview include: 

·Interview skills

·Reasons for running for office

·Proposed goals for Illinois DECA

·Leadership experience 

Step Three:  Election Session

·Each school present at the State Executive Conference is entitled to have two Voting Delegates.  Voting Delegates will be seated in alphabetical order by high school.  Once seated, Voting Delegates may not leave the session until the Election Session is complete.

·Each slated officer candidate will have the opportunity to present a pre-planned two-minute maximum campaign speech before the Voting Delegates. A timekeeper will signal 1 ½ minutes. Any candidate exceeding 2 minutes will be signaled to stop. Candidates giving speeches of less than 2 minutes duration will not be penalized.

·No nominations from the floor will be allowed.  A slated candidate may not be a Voting Delegate.

·Props may not be used during the speech nor will another person be allowed to speak on the candidate’s behalf.  Candidates may use notes during speeches.  A podium may or may not be available. 

·A ballot will be passed out to each Voting Delegate. All voting will be done by secret ballot. This ballot will elect the State Officer Team.    

·Each candidate will give a one minute speech on why s/he should be elected President. 

·A second ballot will be cast to elect the President from the State Officer Team. 

·After the Election process is completed, be professional and conduct yourself in a manner of which you can be proud!

·An Installation Ceremony introducing the 2013- 2014 State Officer Team to the delegates attending the State Executive Conference will be conducted after the election.

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