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Shana Johnson
Shana Johnson is a senior at Downers Grove South with immense love for DECA. As a four year DECA member, Shana has gone to a lot of amazing events. “One of my favorites would have to be last year’s IFME bowling fundraiser,” Shana states, “because I am on my school’s varsity bowling team, and I had the chance to showcase my skills while also helping others improve their own bowling skills. That whole time, we were also giving to a great organization.” She has also participated in Whirlyball a few times and intends to continue the fun this year.

She has served as an officer for her chapter for the past two years. This has given her many opportunities to connect with students and the community. She also serves as an officer for the National Honor Society which gives her more chances to do service. Volunteering is a big part of her life. She enjoys helping students with special needs because it has taught her so much about patience and integrity. Snowball also helps her connect with people on a personal level.

Shana has been able to demonstrate her business skills in other activities such as Earth Action Club, an environmental student-driven club, that succeeded in putting solar panels on Downers South. Through community presentations about renewable energy and yearly Earth Day Energy Slams, Shana has made an impact on her student body in an attempt to make the world a healthier place. Environmental studies interest Shana so much that she wants to pursue either a nuclear or environmental engineer as a career path.

Her favorite part of DECA is the traveling and networking opportunities. As a freshman, Shana qualified for internationals in Atlanta, Georgia. There, she had the best lobster dip and peach cobbler. She will never forget the Beverly. Last year, she participated as a voting delegate and campaign supporter for former officer, Anna Sullivan. That trip was full of fried chicken and ghost rides. ICDC is Shana’s favorite part of DECA because of the ability to see new places and meet new people from all over the world.

Shana travels a lot in her free time. She has been to Italy twice and traveled to Spain this past summer. She hopes to broaden her horizons throughout her life to meet with people of different cultures. She hopes to write a novel one day also. Shana is fortunate enough to have a family that can take many vacations around the country. She rarely has a down day, but when it does happen, she enjoys finding recipes online to cook and watching old childhood movies such as She’s the Man and A Cinderella Story. She also loves going to concerts. Shana has seen Bastille, Twenty One Pilots, Halsey, Imagine Dragons, Andy Grammer, and more. “I can’t sing well, but I love hearing other people sing,” she says.

After running for state office last year and not getting elected, she values this opportunity to its full potential. Shana is ready to take on whatever DECA throws at her this year and connect with people from all around Illinois and beyond.
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