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Monetary scholarships and two different types of awards are presented by the Illinois Foundation for Marketing Education. If you are a student DECA member or IFME member/advisor interested in applying for any or all of these three, click on the appropriate name, complete the application and send it to the requested address. Remember that the student's coordinator/advisor must be a member of the IFME. The due dates are given in this web site's calendar.

  • There will be at least Five IFME scholarships presented at the State Career Development Conference in the amount of $1,000 each. The applicant needs to be a participant at the SCDC and available for an interview if selected. Notification of interviewees will be announced at the Thursday night opening session.
  • There is normally only one (1) Frank Vignola Award presented at the SCDC conference to the DECA member who has made the greatest scholastic, social and career improvement during his/her course in Marketing Education.
  • The Honor award is presented to all the DECA members who are able to fulfill the requirements as requested on the application. This award is not limited to just a few.
  • The DECI Board has decided to no longer make the rubric available to the applicants.
  • Visit the IFME website at for more information. 
  • They are all to be postmarked by February 10th.
  Send to:
IFME Scholarship

Devin T. Cygnar

Frank Vignola Award

Devin T. Cygnar

Honor Award Karen Bear


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