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Mara Parker is proud to serve as the President of the Illinois Association of DECA. Since the start of her freshman year, DECA has always been a passion of Mara’s and something that she has always been excited for. Central Region Leadership Conference 2016 was an event that sparked the beginning of her love for DECA and she has been hooked on it ever since. Mara was taken aback by the amazing members she was able to network with there.

Since then Mara has done as much as she can over the last 3 years to be engulfed into DECA, Mara competed at ILCDC freshman year. Sophomore year, Mara served as the VP of Hospitality for Belvidere North DECA. She placed Top 10 at State in Buying and Merchandising Operations Research and competed at ICDC in Retail Merchandising Series.

Junior year, Mara was the President of Belvidere North DECA. She also served on the State Action Team as the Vice President of Engagement. DECA has done so much for her and she wanted to show her appreciation for this organization. Because of that, she ran for office to help members have an amazing DECA experience. She wants to help Illinois DECA leave an impact on its members, in the same way, it has impacted her. Going into her senior year, Mara decided to run again to continue the work she had made last year and give back everything she can to the organization that has made her who she is today. 

 Besides being in DECA, Mara currently is working on State Representative Maurice West’s re-election campaign. She is also a part of the English, Science, and Spanish National Honor Society. Outside of school, she is a hostess at the Illinois Machine Shed. She loves working and interacting with the customers at her job.

Mara would like to thank her family for constantly supporting her dreams within DECA. Especially for not yelling at her, when it's late at night and she is walking around the house practicing her written presentations. She also wants to thank Illinois DECA and her State Action Team from last year; for not only being her best friends but some of the greatest individuals/mentors she could have worked with. They helped keep the DECA flame alive within her and it hasn’t stopped burning since. Lastly, she wants to thank Belvidere North DECA and her Advisor for being the best support team anyone could ask for.

Mara looks forward to growing Illinois DECA and increasing the amount of recognition shown towards the chapters/members. She hopes to make this year the best in Illinois DECA history. Mara hopes that the Illinois DECA members are ready for it because HERE WE GO!!


gallery/mara parker
Mara Parker, President