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Madeline Cantu is a senior at Belvidere High School and is excited to serve you as one of this year’s State Officers.
This year she was also elected as her chapter's president and is a DECA Direct Social Media Correspondent.  She has been involved in DECA for two years and plans to continue her DECA Experience in college. Last year she went to ICDC and participated in the Elevate leadership series as well as being a voting delegate for Illinois.
Madeline plans to continue her education after high school to pursue a career in international business with an emphasis in marketing and communications.
Outside of DECA Madeline is head of the fundraising committee for student council and works at a nonprofit natural history museum as a communications specialist. She is actively involved in her community and enjoys doing community service. She has been on 2 mission trips and volunteers most of her free time to different organizations.
Madeline’s favorite DECA thing to do is make DECA friends from all over the United States. She has made so many new friends from a total of 43 states. She says that making friends is one of the most memorable experiences and getting to see them at the different conferences is even better.
Some things that Madeline would like you to know about is that she loves to travel it is actually one of her goals to travel 38 states in 17 months. She is currently learning sign language and Spanish so that she can connect with people no matter the language barrier. One last thing that she would like you to know is she can't wait to have a limitless year with you.
Keep updated with Maddy and all of her travels on Twitter/@DECA_MADDY  Instagram/DECA_Maddy