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:A senior from Waubonsie Valley High School, is honored to represent his talented DECA peers as the President of Illinois DECA. A three-year member of the DECA family, Jaisnav was first introduced to DECA when his chapter was re-established after a twenty-year hiatus. As a typical business student, Jaisnav was originally unsure of what to expect. However, he took the opportunity to join and quickly fell in love with the competition and collaboration DECA offered, inspiring him to continue exploring his business passions and improving his professional skills. From being directly mentored by industry leaders to networking with his peers around the state, Jaisnav is grateful to be a part of such a supportive community. Now looking to give back, he strives to improve the DECA experience for all Illinois members.


Reflecting on his first competition experience, Jaisnav vividly remembers walking through the convention halls in his navy blue suit and charcoal-colored tie. Motivated to continue competing at higher levels, he took college-level business classes and worked over the summer as a Business Research Analyst, becoming what his freshman year self couldn’t even imagine: a state champion and international qualifier. Competing at ICDC, Jaisnav represented Illinois, spreading the state’s love of deep-dish pizza and disdain for ketchup. Now, he hopes for more members to join him on the international stage.


Outside of DECA, Jaisnav is a two-sport athlete. As a six-year high jumper, he loves flying in the air and has jumped the state-qualifying mark multiple times. He also plays basketball and is constantly working on becoming an even better dunker. While he’s not playing sports, Jaisnav can be found giving back to his community. As the Illinois WheelsForAll non-profit President, he enjoys fixing bikes to donate to disadvantaged students in the area. He also serves on his district’s Congressional Youth Council and is constantly bringing new approaches to national legislation. In his free time, Jaisnav loves eating tapioca and going on long runs.


Appreciative of his high school DECA experience, Jaisnav is especially thankful for his family, advisors, fellow members, and DECA community that have contributed to his growth as both a future business professional and individual. He is eager to provide the board with new ideas and perspectives that can help promote expansion and success. Working alongside his fellow State Officers, Jaisnav hopes to maximize Illinois DECA's momentum and help all members find success, not only in competition but in the real world as well.



Jaisnav Rajesh President