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Charles Kang is a senior at Glenbrook North High School, in Northbrook Illinois. He has witnessed firsthand the transformative potential of DECA, through both its community as well as its competitive framework. As a VP of Education in his chapter, Charles has dedicated himself to helping each of his teammates in DECA succeed, both in and out of competition. While he holds that creativity, business acumen, and hard work are critical to success, and serve as the basis for larger personal development, Charles is a firm believer in the value of a strong team mentality for individual and organizational achievement. At his chapter in Northbrook, his first priority was to ensure that members felt supported by all of their peers in DECA, which he believes inculcates a stronger passion for DECA and business, teaches teamwork and collaborative skills, encourages strategic risk-taking, and makes DECA a better experience as a whole. He also spearheaded new initiatives to maximize his chapter’s success at IL CDC and ICDC, by leading seminars on various marketing, finance and management topics, producing and publishing new competition preparation methods, and helping plan and run his school’s annual Mini-Competition with Highland Park.

Charles has placed in the Top 10 at ICDC every year, and last year he and his partner Griffin placed third at internationals. However, he rates his experiences with his team far above any personal success, and particularly appreciates the friends and connections he made beyond his home state of Illinois.

Aside from DECA, Charles enjoys any music other than country, accidentally breaks the occasional golf club, and is doing whatever he can to stave off the pain of waiting for Season 8 of Game of Thrones.