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Illinois State Board of Education CTSO Grant - Illinois DECA

 Chapter Activities Report

The Illinois State Board of Education CTSO Grant has identified five quality components of a Career and Technical Student Organization. They are:

1) Strengthen academic and technical skills;
2) Experiences in all aspects of the industry;
3) Provide professional development;
4) Preparing student for career success;
5) Coordinating with standards.
Each chapter activity should address one or more of the above quality components
Chapter Advisors are required to report the following Chapter/Area Activities for the current Membership Year:
1) Area Activities;
2) Fall/State/National Leadership Conference Attendance;
3) Guest Speakers from the business, marketing, and computer industry;
4) Member/Student Internships in business, marketing, and/or the computer industry;
5) Chapter/Member visits to business, marketing, and computer companies.

Please use this form to complete your report. Please save your report using the following file name – (Insert Your Name) and submit to Joan Varanauski using the form below. You may submit throughout the year but all reports are due by MAY 15th.


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