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The Competitive Activities and Awards program within the Illinois Association of DECA provides the DECA members in the marketing education curriculum an opportunity to demonstrate outstanding individual and/or team achievement and be recognized for their work. From the inception of Illinois DECA, this phase has been considered an integral part of the program along with the curriculum.

Each year the competitive activities are reviewed and evaluated to assure that the knowledge and skills demonstrated by the participants are necessary for success in business, marketing, management and entrepreneurship and are educationally sound. No competitive activity has ever been adopted with the intention to add to the teaching load of the Chapter Advisor. Participants should be chosen on the basis of their ability shown in the classroom.

Awards are presented on all levels:

  • Area
  • State
  • International

Outstanding DECA Chapter Advisor Award
This is an award with recognition coming from the National DECA Office for activities performed by chapter advisors on the state level. For more information <click here>


Each Area Board of Advisors determines its own type, number and dissemination of the awards to be presented to chapter, DECA members and/or advisors.



It has been the philosophy of Illinois DECA to recognize many DECA members with as many different forms of awards as possible.

The State Career Development Conference is the next time the members have the occasion to be presented with "Thanks" and "Honors" from Illinois DECA. Certificates of Participation are given to each registrant. Competitors may receive Certificates of Competency recognizing a high standard of accomplishment in an event.

Medallions are presented in the mini awards sessions as well as to the top 10 winners in each event at the Grand Awards Session. A trophy is given to the first, second and third place winners in each event. Because the written events vary in number of participants from 1 to 3 only 1 trophy is ordered for each written event. Other team members will receive a trophy after the conference which will be ordered for them and delivered to their school.


The Illinois Foundation for Marketing Education presents several monetary scholarships at each Illinois DECA State Career Development Conference. The IFME also presents the Frank Vignola Award to one or more deserving DECA members. The yearly Honor Awards are also presented by the IFME at the State Career Development Conference. For more information please click here.


The yearly Central Region Leadership Conference (CRLC) will normally present Certificates of Participation to all DECA members in attendance. There are 3 scholarships awarded from the Central Region Board of Governors at the International Career Development Conference.


  • Certificates
  • Medallions
  • Trophies
  • Scholarships
  • Honor Awards
  • Others
  • For more information on the ICDC see www.deca.org