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Alayna Nguyen is a senior at Naperville North High School who is excited to serve on the Illinois DECA State Action Team. This year comes with uncertainty and change, but she is looking forward to leveraging her computer science experience to help make DECA the best it can be for new and returning members. Through DECA, she has found an environment that has challenged her to gain confidence, an opportunity to create tangible impact, a chance to spark the same passion within others. Most importantly, Alayna has found a community that has gone above and beyond to support her, from the time she got lost in the hotel at the 2017 Illinois Career Development Conference to when she received motivation from friends, peers, and her advisors last year during her first conference competing in Quick Serve Restaurant Management. She hopes to be able to support ILDECA members to the same degree and with the same dedication in achieving their goals. 


This year, Alayna is proud to serve as the co-president of her chapter, collaborating with eleven other fiercely motivated board members to organize weekly DECA meetings, competition prep nights, and career development opportunities in a virtual setting. During her four years as a member, she has focused on exploring the intersection between DECA and technology, launching Naperville North DECA’s first website, and automating chapter processes like taking attendance and uploading cluster exams using Python. 


Previously, Alayna had the privilege of serving as a data analyst on the ILDECA Social Media Team. She spent the year doing two of her favorite things: analyzing data on spreadsheets to pinpoint trends and collaborating with the rest of the team to engage members through ILDECA’s social media platforms. 


Outside of DECA, Alayna enjoys exploring and experimenting with new technologies and programming languages. She has attended over twenty hackathons, which are 24-hour events with a big emphasis on developing cool projects with code and a much lighter emphasis on getting your full eight hours of sleep. One of her favorite parts is presenting her project to judges at the end of hackathons because it’s the perfect opportunity to apply the roleplay skills she has learned from DECA! 


When she’s not tackling challenging problems in Math Team, tutoring with the Merry Tutor, or organizing meetings for her Business Professionals of America chapter, Alayna likes to relax by reading. Whether it’s a 1,000+ page pdf of an astronomy textbook or the Lord of the Rings, she can never turn down a good book. She is also a huge foodie and boba enthusiast who is always looking for recommendations so she can try new things!


As a member of the State Officer Team, Alayna is ready to help connect chapters and create new, accessible opportunities for members in this online setting. Together with the rest of the team, she is excited to take this year to new heights, to new places, and to the next level!

Alayna Nguyen